Background Skills Tool Language Feat Source
Acolyte Calligrapher's Supplies Celestial Magic Initiate (Divine) 1PHB S
Anthropologist Navigator's Tools Sylvan Linguist NA
Archaeologist Cartographer's Tools Terran Keen Mind NA
Artisan Artisans Tools Gnomish Crafter 1PHB
Bounty Hunter Thieves' Tools Gaming Set Thieves’ Cant Magic Initiate (Primal) NA
Celebrity Adventurer's Scion Disguise Kit Elvish Prodigy NA
Charlatan Forgery Kit Infernal Skilled 1PHB
Criminal Thieves' Tools Thieves’ Cant Alert 1PHB
Cultist Disguise Kit Abyssal Magic Initiate (Arcane) 1PHB
Custom Background Artisans Tools NA
Entertainer Instrument Classification Elvish Musician 1PHB
Failed Merchant Artisans Tools Gnomish Skilled NA
Far Traveler Instrument Classification Deep Speech Magic Initiate (Divine) NA
Farmer Carpenter's Tools Luiric Tough 1PHB
Fisher Cook's Utensils Aquan Chef NA
Folk Hero Artisans Tools Orcish Tough NA
Gambler Gaming Set Thieves’ Cant Lucky NA
Gladiator Smith's Tools Orcish Savage Attacker 1PHB
Guard Gaming Set Dwarvish Alert 1PHB
Guide Cartographer's Tools Giant Tongue Magic Initiate (Primal) 1PHB
Guild Contractor Thieves' Tools Thieves’ Cant Poisoner AIZ
Haunted One Disguise Kit Abyssal Dark Gift: Gathered Whispers NA
Hermit Herbalism Kit Sylvan Magic Initiate (Primal) 1PHB
Investigator Alchemist's Supplies Infernal Dark Gift: Untethered from Reality NA
Knight Gaming Set Draconic Tough NA
Laborer Mason's Tools Dwarvish Tough 1PHB
Lawyer Artisans Tools Gnomish Actor NA
Merchant Artisans Tools Dwarvish Skilled NA
Noble Gaming Set Draconic Skilled 1PHB
Outlander Instrument Classification Sylvan Magic Initiate (Primal) NA
Pilgrim Instrument Classification Luiric Healer 1PHB
Pirate Navigator's Tools Aquan Savage Attacker NA
Sage Calligrapher's Supplies Elvish Magic Initiate (Arcane) 1PHB
Sailor Navigator's Tools Primordial Tavern Brawler 1PHB
Shipwright Carpenter's Tools Elvish Crafter NA
Smuggler Forgery Kit Thieves’ Cant Skilled NA
Soldier Gaming Set Goblinz Savage Attacker 1PHB
Urchin Thieves' Tools Sign Language Lucky 1PHB


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