Beguiling Gaze

As a bonus action, Strahd fixes his gaze on a creature he can see within 30 feet of him. If the target can see Strahd, the target must succeed on a DC 22 Wisdom saving throw or Strahd has advantage on all attack rolls against that target. The effect lasts until the target takes damage or until the start of Strahd's next turn. For that time, the affected creature is also a willing target for Strahd's bite attack. A creature that can't be charmed is immune to this effect. A creature that successfully saves against Strahd's gaze is immune to it for 1 hour.

  • Parameters:
  • Range: 30
  • Max Targets: 1

  • Saving Throw Roll:
  • Saving Throw: | CHA
  • Immune to ability on SUCCESSFUL save until long rest: Yes

  • Next Attack has ADV

Attached Items
# Type Name
1 Creature Strahd von Zarovich, the Real Devil


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