As a bonus action, you can retract the armblade into your forearm or extend it from there. While it is extended, you can use the weapon as if you were holding it, and you can't use that hand for other purposes.

Attached Items
# Type Name
1 Weapon Battleaxe Armblade
2 Weapon Club Armblade
3 Weapon Dagger Armblade
4 Weapon Flail Armblade
5 Weapon Handaxe Armblade
6 Weapon Javelin Armblade
7 Weapon Lance Armblade
8 Weapon Mace Armblade
9 Weapon Maul Armblade
10 Weapon Morningstar Armblade
11 Weapon Quarterstaff Armblade
12 Weapon Rapier Armblade
13 Weapon Scimitar Armblade
14 Weapon Shortsword Armblade
15 Weapon Sickle Armblade
16 Weapon Sling Armblade
17 Weapon Spear Armblade
18 Weapon Trident Armblade
19 Weapon War Pick Armblade
20 Weapon Warhammer Armblade
21 Weapon Whip Armblade


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