Your connection to the natural world takes the form of a draconic spirit, which can manifest in physical form as a drake. As your powers grow, your drake grows as well, blossoming from a small four-legged companion to a majestic winged creature large and strong enough for you to ride. Along the way, you gain an increasing share of the awe-inspiring power of dragons.

Consider the source of the draconic spirit you have bonded with. The Drakewarden Origin table offers examples.

Drakewarden Origin
1You studied a dragon's scale or claw, or a trinket from a dragon's hoard, creating your bond through that token's lingering draconic magic.
2A secret order of rangers who collect and guard draconic lore taught you their ways.
3A dragon gave you a geode or gemstone to care for. To your surprise, the drake hatched from that stone.
4You ingested a few drops of dragon blood, forever infusing your nature magic with draconic power.
5An ancient Draconic inscription on a standing stone empowered you when you read it aloud.
6You had a vivid dream of a mysterious figure accompanied by seven yellow canaries, who warned you of impending doom. When you awoke, your drake was there, watching you.

  • Passive Abilities:
  • Draconic Gift Ranger Drakewarden 3
  • Bond of Fang and Scale Ranger Drakewarden 7
  • Perfected Bond Ranger Drakewarden 15

  • Abilities:
  • Drake Companion Ranger Drakewarden 3
  • Drake’s Breath (11) Ranger Drakewarden 11
  • Drake’s Breath (15) Ranger Drakewarden 15


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