Peace Domain
Peace Domain

The balm of peace thrives at the heart of healthy communities, between friendly nations, and in the souls of the kindhearted. The gods of peace inspire people of all sorts to resolve conflict and to stand up against those forces that try to prevent peace from flourishing. See the Peace Deities table for a list of some of the gods associated with this domain.

Clerics of the Peace Domain preside over the signing of treaties, and they are often asked to arbitrate in disputes. These clerics’ blessings draw people together and help them shoulder one another’s burdens, and the clerics’ magic aids those who are driven to fight for the way of peace.

  • Passive Abilities:
  • Peace Domain Spells (3) Cleric Peace Domain 3
  • Peace Domain Spells (5) Cleric Peace Domain 5
  • Peace Domain Spells (7) Cleric Peace Domain 7
  • Peace Domain Spells (9) Cleric Peace Domain 9

  • Abilities:
  • Emboldening Bond Cleric Peace Domain 3
  • Channel Divinity: Balm of Peace Cleric Peace Domain 6
  • Protective Bond Cleric Peace Domain 10
  • Expansive Bond Cleric Peace Domain 14


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