Myconid Sovereign
Myconid Sovereign
L Plant Myconid LN




  • Passive Abilities:
  • Distress Spores
  • Sun Sickness
  • Sunlight Sensitivity

  • Abilities:
  • Animating Spores
  • Caustic Spores
  • Hallucination Spores
  • Myconid Euphoria Spores
  • Myconid Infestation Spores
  • Pacifying Spores
  • Rapport Spores

  • Weapon Attacks:
  • Myconid Sovereign Fist
    Melee 5 ft


Creature Sub Type

Myconids are intelligent, ambulatory fungi that live in the Underdark, seek enlightenment, and deplore violence. If approached peacefully, myconids gladly provide shelter or allow safe passage through their colonies.

Circles and Melds. The largest myconid in a colony is its sovereign, which presides over one or more social groups called circles. A circle consists of twenty or more myconids that work, live, and meld together.

A meld is a form of communal meditation that allows myconids to transcend their dull subterranean existence. The myconids' rapport spores bind the participants into a group consciousness. Hallucination spores then induce a shared dream that provides entertainment and social interaction. Myconids consider melding to be the purpose of their existence. They use it in the pursuit of higher consciousness, collective union, and spiritual apotheosis. Myconids also use their rapport spores to communicate telepathically with other sentient creatures.

Myconid Reproduction. Like other fungi, myconids reproduce by mundane sporing. They carefully control their spores' release to avoid overpopulation.


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