Borrow Object

You name a mundane item with a value of 50 gp or less and it appears in your hand or at your feet. This can be any item that appears in chapter 5, "Equipment," of the Player's Handbook, or any similar item selected with the DM's permission. The summoned item is transported to you from somewhere else in the world, but it is generic in nature, so that you might call for a longsword but you cannot borrow a specific creature's longsword. The item vanishes 10 minutes after it appears. Once you use this feature of the rotor of return, it cannot be used again until the next dawn.

  • Parameters:
  • Range:
  • Duration: 10 minutes

  • Ability:
  • Charges: 1
  • Resets: Long Rest

Attached Items
# Type Name
1 Equipment Rotor of Return


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