Key Game Changes

Subtle differences may exist in source material. To view the RAW ability you can hit the at the bottom of item, near the source to toggle the description to see any changes.

Janus is the name of the game engine at Listed below are some key changes that are apart of every game:

  1. Creatures use action points rather than action types. This numerical resource can simplify the game to interpret when a creatures turn is over in combat.
  2. Abilities and action types are classified into passive abilities (no action points required) and abilities (action points required).
  3. Creatures can (melee or ranged) attack using 1 action point (1 AP), rather than taking an action type (attack action). Each attack roll after the first attack is done at a -5 penalty, then -10 penalty (a level 1 player can attack 3 times, doing no other ability). The extra attack feature has been standardized to an unhindered attack allowing players to reduce this penalty.
  4. Moving requires only 1 AP, so you can use your movement type up to 3 times in a round (dash action has been removed).
  5. Many weapon classification types have innate abilities which allow players (and creatures) extra tactical features in combat.
  6. Many abilities have been standardized by the tiers system: Flawed (1 round), Minor (1 minute), Adept (1 hour), Major (1 day), Master (permanent).
  7. Summoning creatures has been standardized. Depending on the summon type they all roll separate imitative and require NO ACTION to control by another creature (caster).
  8. All objects have a gold piece value attached to them. Certain custom artifacts may be considered priceless.
  9. Rules for enchanting (magic) objects have been created.
  10. Rules for crafting (fabricating) objects have been created.
  11. After player feedback, short rest mechanics will remain in game. They will used the buffed change recommended by Dungeon Coach in AAoAT. Short rest is now 10 mins.
  12. After leaving short rests in as 10 mins, long rests have been nerfed. Lost rests are now 3 hours. The first 3 hours of rest reset Hit Dice. The 2nd 3 hours reset spell lots. They still remove 1 stack of exhaustion, and ALL debilitations to ability scores (like a Shadow's attack Strength score reduction).
  13. When resting in an Inn, or in a safe place, essentially where no one is taking watch, the DM can also award a 3rd kind of rest, which all HP, Spell Slots, and Hit Dice refresh. The DM can also award the party one Hit Dice of the player's chosen class as Temp HP.
  14. All reaction types are toggled by the creature, and are AUTOMATICALLY used when toggled on based on their activation condition. This helps speed up combat and reduce metagaming. Certain reaction abilities might require a target which much be selected by the player.
  15. The spell Counterspell has been nerfed or made more dynamic to allow more agency and less metagaming.
  16. There are three roll types: public, hidden (viewable by players in the side log), and secret (not viewable). Any hidden or secret roll can be toggled to be shown later in the log by the DM.
  17. Ability checks have been renamed to skill checks.
  18. Skill checks are often rolled as a hidden roll, and the result is not visable to the player to prevent metagaming. The DM can always reveal this roll to the table (or sidelog).
  19. Experience points have been removed. All leveling is determined by the DM, or milestone leveling.
  20. Item rarity type has been removed. This has been rolled up into the enchanting system, and can be interpreted through an objects GP value. Weapons will have enchantments which Janus will determine resistance/immunity for BPS damage.
  21. Creatures have an Armor Class (AC) (based on their armor) and Evasion Class (EC) (based on their dexterity). This allows for less binary attack rolls, chip damage, and high AC tanks which can reduce damage.
  22. Legendary creatures have been buffed, and their legendary action points are added to their standard action points. A creature gets additional (legendary) action points: they are the total party's number minus one. A creature with legendary actions can use ANY ability (or spell) after another creature's turn. (Buffs and simplifies legendary creatures).
  23. Any creature with legendary resistance can use 2 AP to resist any failed saving throw. Their legendary resistance has NO quantity, it is based on their action points, which reset at the beginning of the legendary creature's turn.
  24. Favored Foe has been buffed.
  25. All containers are bound by a carrying capacity listed by weight (in lbs). Players can only put in 1 container in another (1 layer of container depth). (Example: A pouch in a backpack, but not a pouch in a pouch in a backpack.)
  26. Monk's hit dice have been buffed to d10 (up from d8).
  27. Monk's Ki points have been buffed from monk_level + wis_mod (up from monk_level).
  28. Rangers now get all abilities from Tasha's and the PHB (SRD) as basekit. Abilities from PHB are mostly flavor, and TCE was most likely a patch to improve basekit ranger. This is a buff to rangers.
  29. Forcecage has been nerfed.
  30. There are now two larger creature sizes for truely massive creatures: Colossal (C) (d50 HD) (5x5); and Titantic (T) (d100 HD) (6x6).
  31. Initiative is rolled automatically by the DM, and any ties are broken by: a d1000 roll.
  32. Inspiration from Bards or Pact of the Talisman warlocks has been changed. When granting inspiration a status effect is put on the creature it is given to. If failure is determined by an d20 test, inspiration is automatically added to overcome the challange. However, this is used on ANY d20 test. This helps speed up the game and prevents metagaming. It does remove some choice of the player by choosing when inspiration is used, but the choice to apply the inspiration still remains. (So slight buff and nerf.)
  33. Pact of the Talisman for warlocks grants them the ability to apply d4 inspiration on themselves, for 1 AP, for 1 hour. So this ability now extends to attacks and saving throws, not just skill checks. (Buff)
  34. Any creature using a martial weapon(s) can gain the benefit of using a Heavy Swing or Draw Tension. This buffs creatures, but opens up more possibilities with feats.
  35. Attunement is now an action (instead of an hour).
  36. After you are attuned to an item, you know all the magical enchantments, or even if the item is cursed. Identify mostly used to detect if an item is cursed, and is not required to discern the magical properties or enchantments of the item. (Dev Note: Roughly 5% of all items are cursed.)
  37. Grappler has been buffed
  38. The feat Dungeon Delver has been REMOVED
  39. Musician has been changed
  40. Players/Creatures can try to do a knock out attack to render a creature Unconscious instead of or Dead. This attack roll is made at DIS. Monks are skilled enough fighters using their Martial Arts, and can make this attack IGNORING the DIS.
  41. Counterspell has been changed to prevent metagaming and return agency to players/dms.
  42. Standing up from prone requires 1 AP.
  43. Small races still can move up to 25ft.
  44. The variation to choose between two size types for a race, does not exist atm.


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